Calls for Lesotho, South Africa borders to be abolished

The Free Movement of Basotho are calling on the new government of Lesotho to advance their demands that borders between their country and South Africa be abolished.

According to the Free Movement of Basotho, there is a need for the incorporation of their country into South Africa, an ideology they have negotiated with their government for years with no positive results.

They are also calling for the implementation of the SADC free trade area and SADC free movement treaty.

Their movement has also been established in all the nine provinces, by mostly domestic workers and mine workers who have spent a considerable time in South Africa.

Basotho, singing with hope to see things improving in the new government at the Kingdom of Lesotho.

For over ten years Basotho working in the platinum belt of Rustenburg have been calling for the abolishment of the borders between the two countries.  

The platinum hub of the country has seen a high number of influxes of immigrants hoping to finding greener pastures.

This includes people from Lesotho mostly working in the mines and as domestic workers in Rustenburg.