The 2016 Population and Housing Census Report reveals population increase

The 2016 Population and Housing Census Report has revealed that the country’s population has increased from 1.8 million in 2006 to 2.8 million in 2016 which constitutes to 0.68 percent growth rate.

The report which was officially released on Monday further reveals that there is population density in Leribe, Maseru and Berea whereas Mafeteng, Mohale’s Hoek and Quthing have reportedly not been favoured by the increase.

Meanwhile the Minister of Development Planning Hon. Tlohelang Aumane has expressed hope that the indicators generated will show the extent to which the gap exists, for Basotho to access basic needs like clean water, sanitation and electricity.

Aumane says the results will provide benchmarks performance of the government and help in tracking the country’s performance in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2063, Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan and other developmental initiatives.


The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Representative to Lesotho Ms. Nuzhat Ehsan has emphasised the need for census results to be used effectively for developing programmes and policies for the country.