Visually impaired persons pleads for more support

Lesotho National League for Visually Impaired Persons Executive Director, Mr. Thabiso Masenyetse says there is need to combat discrimination against visually impaired persons as they are productive members of the society like other able bodied people.

Masenyetse said this in preparation for the visually impairment awareness month campaign, whose objective is to educate members of the public about visual impairment and the realities of living without sight.

He said the campaign will therefore create a platform for the League to sensitize community leader’s members of the public and employers among others about the importance of including visually impaired persons in developments and the negative impacts of stigma attached to the visually impaired.

Meanwhile the executive director of Lesotho National Federation of the Visually Impaired Persons Adv. Nkhasi Sefuthi they are still hopeful that disability equity bill will be passes in parliament as law.