World Vision Ensures Safety of Girl Child

The Communications Officer of World Vision Lesotho, Mr Atang Likotsi, says his office is to commemorate World Water Day at an event to be held in Maseru next Monday, so as to strengthen efforts towards showing the importance of water in the existence of all living thing.

He said that their focus will extend beyond the issues of pricing to include the environmental, social and cultural value people place on water.

He also highlighted that they strive towards ensuring the safety of the girl child, as in most cases she is exposed to abuse while walking long distances to fetch water.

He pointed out that they have worked tirelessly to ensure that people access clean water to allow all to wash hands regularly, in order to strengthen fight against COVID-19.

Mr. Likotsi further stated that World Vision drives to ensure that every child, household, health facility receives clean and sustainable Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.