Mokhotlong district is said to have started the recruitment of labourers for rehabilitation of catchments.

The Acting District Forestry’s Coordinator Mr. Motumi Motebang said, the recruitment which started yesterday, will be done in all the four Constituencies within the Mokhotlong district and that this will be done in three catchments in each Constituency.


He said that after the recruitment, the aim is to engage communities in soil conservation activities for protection of those catchments

The labourers will be on a 20 day rotational work, so that majority can benefit from this rural public works.

Protection of catchments is one of the activities performed under the Ministry of Forestry to ensure that soil erosion is prevented while improvement on the environment is being enhanced. About ten households suffered a bone-chilling cold yesterday, after strong windstorms left a significant destruction to houses at Ha Lereko in Berea

This was confirmed by Ha Lereko Chief, Chief Theko Mapeshoane who said that the strong winds started around 6:00 am and that it was so strong that it blew off roofing and uprooted trees.

Chief Mapeshoane said although residents are now homeless, no injuries or loss of lives were reported.

Affected families are currently seeking refuge at their neighbours’ homes, while others have moved back to their dilapidated houses.

Meanwhile, the Berea District Disaster Management Team is yet to conduct rapid assessment to determine the extent of the damage.

Disaster Management Authority-DMA will roll out the campaign to buy farmers’ produce starting from the 19th of July to the 4th of August 04 at various Food Management Unit stores across the country.

DMA’s press release says that efforts to initiate local purchase activity is informed by the Lesotho Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis 2022/2023 which revealed that 521, 000 Basotho are food insecure.

It also stated that many households are vulnerable to poverty and hunger, hence the government’s initiative to roll out local purchase targeting grain crops such as maize and beans, in a bid to help the most vulnerable during the food for work campaigns.

Farmers are encouraged to bring their harvest of 2023 of an acceptable quality as per standards and refrain from buying grains from SA and then re-sell it to the government as it is illegal to do so.

The United Nations Fund for Population-UNFPA will commemorate the World Population Day in Leribe on Thursday next week. The theme for this year’s event is ”Unleashing the power of gender equality, uplifting the voices of women and girls to unlock our world’s infinite possibilities”. The theme illustrates that when women and girls are empowered by societies to exert autonomy over their lives and bodies, they and their families thrive

UNFPA says the commemoration will be held in Leribe as it is in the forefront with highest reported cases of sexual assault in the country.

The aim is to sensitise Leribe residents on the adverse implications of gender-based violence as well as advocating for its eradication. 

The commemoration will feature speeches, songs and drama as well as UNFPA’s annual flagship Report; the state of the World Population Report. 

World Population Day is observed annually on the 11th of July to raise awareness on various population issues and educate individuals about the challenges and consequences associated with global population growth.