Following a temporary appointment of Ambassador Motlatsi Ramafole as the Government Secretary, some members of the public say that, the government should stop recycling people for positions, as there are many Basotho who are in dire need of jobs and who are capable and qualified for these positions

Ambassador Ramafole has been appointed the new Government Secretary on contractual basis from July 11th to September 30th this year.

One of these concerned Basotho Mr. Thamae Lekoro said that, he does not understand why government has chosen to give the position to Ambassador Ramafole saying that, the current government is not different from the previous ones, if it is going to recycle people while there are many Basotho with talents and qualifications to occupy the said position.

Lekoro said the Prime Minister Mr. Samuel Matekane strongly emphasised that his government’s pillars will be based on meritocracy, however, he seems to be working against it if he continues recycling people instead of giving positions to new people.

He said that even if the position is temporary, it still should have been given to someone else saying that, it is wrong that the wealth of this country is being shared amongst a few individuals.