The Deputy Prime Minister Chief Justice Nthomeng Majara has officially launched Project-Re, which seeks to inspire and lead Basotho to re-connect with founding values, reunite as people and become a new Lesotho

 The launch was held in Maseru yesterday. 

Chief Justice Majara said, it is important that the project is launched so that it works towards uniting the nation. She said Basotho and Lesotho need new guidance and that can only be achieved if all join efforts.

She further said, King Moshoeshoe I worked tirelessly protecting and building the Basotho nation and that needs to be protected and cherished by all means. 

On the other hand, the Chief Executive Officer of the Project-Re Mr. Solly Mofoka said, the launch is done in anticipation of 200 Years of Lesotho’s Founding next year, and this is a prestigious time to map a way forward. 

Mr. Mofoka stated that, it is disheartening that the launch comes at a time when there is chaos in Lesotho but also said, it will serve as an answer to Basotho’s prayers.