Human trafficking continues to remain a global challenge.

This emerged at the commemoration of the World day against Trafficking in persons, which was organized by GEM-Institute and held in Maseru, today. One of the speakers at this event Mr. Kanono Ntaopane from Gem Institute said, the day is marked to raise awareness on issues surrounding trafficking in persons and the ability to identify why it happens

Ntaopane said it is also to help young girls and women on how they can navigate the use of social media while avoiding being victims of human trafficking.

On the other hand, Mr. Tebelo Phomane from SHE-HIVE indicated that, traffickers are usually people who are known to the victims where they lure them with promises of greener pastures such as employment opportunities. 

Phomane therefore urged Basotho not to be lured into jobs without any tangible evidence and advised them to seek information first, whilst refraining from keeping those jobs a secret.