The National AIDS Commission-NAC, has launched an upgraded data management system, as part of its comprehensive strategy to combat AIDS in Lesotho, by 2030.

Mr. Hlompho Motsoasele-NAC’s monitoring and evaluation officer said, the objective of this system is to enhance the capacity of HIV implementing partners, to effectively report their activities within the Lesotho Monitoring System for HIV/AIDS. Motsoasele says, the system will be instrumental in documenting all community interventions related to

He also showed that, to make informed decisions at the national level and to gauge progress at the community level, it is imperative that all partner data is integrated into a centralized national database.

Motsoasele clarified that, while this system is not entirely new, it has undergone updates to facilitate the input of data from all partners and that training sessions are being conducted in all the districts to ensure the successful adoption of the system