The Police are investigating the death of a mother and a child following a shooting incident that happened at Matala Phase One in Maseru yesterday evening.

Police Spokesperson Senior Superintendent Kabelo Halahala said, police rushed to the place to find what transpired and could only comment after getting a detailed police report.

Chieftainess ‘Makelebone Letsie of Matala Phase One said, after being alerted by a villager about the shooting incident of a mother and her 10-year-old son, she went to the place and found the police at the house. 

Chieftainess Letsie said, she was not aware of who notified the police about the shooting incident, but she was the one who called the deceased’s husband to inform him of what has happened as he is staying in Mafeteng.

One of the neighbors, Mr. Mokete Sello said, he was from work when he was alerted about the shooting incident.  

He said upon arrival, he found that some neighbors were already there as well as the police who were carrying the body of the child to the mortuary.