A Member of parliament for Thaba Putsoa constituency Mr. Lebohang Monaheng says, due to the ongoing weather conditions, the government has to stay put in order to ensure that Basotho’s lives are safe.

Monaheng said it started snowing at Likalaneng and Thaba Putsoa as a result, appealed to the government to be ready to remove the snow in places which normally experience heavy snowfall.

He said things like salt should be readily available to be used to remove heavy snowfall and to prevent any dangers brought by the snow.

The Thaba Putsoa MP said, often people are caught in places where they do not have enough food, clothes or means of communication and that puts their lives and that of their animals in danger.

Meanwhile, the Lesotho Metrological Services appealed to Basotho to take precautions when travelling to and from the highlands, as roads may become slippery and inaccessible.

It also promised to continue to monitor the situation and to provide updates.