The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition has confirmed that, a ban of importation of chicken is still on.

The ministry’s Chief Information Officer Mr. Lereko Masupha said, the importation of chicken is still banned in the country until further notice or until there are reports stating otherwise on the outbreak and the two countries have reached an agreement.

Masupha emphasized that, import of poultry products from South Africa was banned earlier this month to prevent infection which could negatively affect local poultry produce.

Meanwhile, the severity of the outbreak also prompted neighbouring Mozambique to cull around 45,000 infected chicks that had been imported from South Africa

Also, one of the biggest chicken franchises in the country Kentucky Fried Chicken is also on its fifth day without any operation due to its supply chain being severely affected by the outbreak. KFC has about 1O outlets in Lesotho and about 350 employees.