Fuel Price Adjustments

The Petroleum Fund Secretariat informs the public that the prices of petroleum products will be increased with effect from Friday the 05th April 2019.

The pump price of petrol (93) will be increased by One Loti and Fifty Lisente per litre, and the price of petrol (95) will be increased by One Loti and forty-five Lisente per litre. The price of diesel (500) will be increased by seventy-five Lisente per litre while diesel (50) will be increased by eighty Lisente per litre. The wholesale price of illuminating paraffin will be increased by thirty-five Lisente per litre.

The new retail prices for all districts of Lesotho shall be as follows:-

                 Petrol (93)                  :       M12.95 per litre.

                 Diesel (500)               :       M13.70 per litre.

                 Diesel (50)                 :       M14.00 per litre.

                 Domestic Paraffin (Wholesale)    :       M9.35 per litre.

The main reason for the increases have been the rise in free-on-board prices for these products and the increase of prices of these products in the international markets which have resulted in unit slate under-recoveries.

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