The National University of Lesotho-NUL has signed a Memorandum of Understand with the Sheffield Hallam University and the Malealea Development Trust.

NUL’s Dean of the Faculty of Law Dr. Letzadzo Kometsi said, the collaboration is going to yield students of both universities great results as they will learn from each other. Dr Komesi said the collaboration will also help the university to further mandate its research, teaching and innovation strategies.

Professor Chandi Patel of the Faculty of Social Sciences from the Sheffield Hallam University showed that, they will walk together, share ideas and engage in exchange programs which will benefit both universities.

Prof. Patel said they will also ensure sustainable relationships which will bring development for both these universities.

Mr. Khotso Au from the Malealea Development Trust showed that, the initiative will benefit the trust as during exchange programs, they will have students placed at the trust, which will give them additional skills on how best the trust can be developed for the benefit of the community.