The Deputy President of Lesotho Police Staff Association-LEPOSA says, he is not going to fight his dismissal from the association.

Inspector Teboho Molumo said this following his dismissal letter circulated on social media saying that, due to disputes within the association, he has decided to stand back and not fight his dismissal.

In a letter signed by the association’s General Secretary, in its sitting from February 21st to 24th, 2023, LEPOSA’s General Conference deliberated on Molumo’s cross misconduct that he partook in an illegal meeting chaired by himself as Deputy President while the president was still available in office. It says the intention was to freeze the accounts of the Association thereby stifling the business of the Association and he did that unlawful act as the Deputy President.

Inspector. Molumo said that, although he has decided not to fight this, he is shocked that he only received the letter through WhatsApp which he said is constitutionally wrong as procedurally, a letter is hand delivered to the recipient or if not available, it can be received by anyone present in the office during delivery.